About us

Weego is a mobility company offering a variety of transport options and solutions to people in Africa.

Control your mobility with Weego

Find out how Weego is revolutionizing mobility in Africa.

Control your mobility with Weego

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Working environment

We believe that the dynamism and innovation of our company are fueled by the diversity and inclusion of the talents we recruit from all over the world. At Weego, we welcome all ideas and perspectives, and encourage our team to bring their uniqueness to their work to build a creative and inclusive company culture.

We value and respect each other's differences, as this enables us to offer unique , tailor-made mobility solutions to meet the needs of our customers across Africa. We believe in the power of collaboration and encourage our employees to work together to tackle the most complex challenges and transform mobility in Africa.

At Weego, we're committed to fostering an open corporate culture, where every voice counts and everyone can contribute to achieving our mission of making a difference to mobility in Africa.

Change the way you move

We believe that getting around should be simple, convenient and accessible to everyone. We work tirelessly to revolutionize mobility, offering innovative and sustainable transport solutions that improve your daily life.

Transform your business

Mobility is essential to any successful business, and at Weego, we're here to help you succeed. Our turnkey transportation solution makes it easy to manage your employees' journeys, offering them flexible, affordable and environmentally-friendly transportation options.

Embark on the future of mobility

We're changing the way the world moves, by offering intelligent, connected transport solutions that improve quality of life and preserve the environment. With Weego, you can be sure of being part of the next generation of mobility, and of contributing to a more sustainable and inclusive future for all.

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Agility and speed
Strong team spirit
United for mobility
Always one step ahead
Anticipation means action

Together for better mobility

We're passionate about creating a more connected and sustainable mobility future. Our mission is to offer integrated mobility solutions for businesses and cities, to reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality and make travel more efficient for everyone.

These are the values that motivate our daily decisions, develop our relationships and guide our strategy:

Our Team

Saad Jittou

Founder / CEO

Mor Niane

Founder / COO

Papa Seynou S. Ndiaye


Taha Boulajoul

Head of Sales

Youness El Rhadir

Operations Manager Supply

Derar Toujgani

Customer Success Manager

Dahaba Sakho

UI/UX Designer

Sanaa Harmach

Product Manager

Ilyas Houzila

Operations Manager

We're constantly on the lookout for new talent to work with us. Contact us if you think you'd make a good partner!